This is for everyone who was in 211/219 or 243 Wessex General Hospital.  Alan Sharkey will add the history and sell his books…. I will also sell my books.  Anyone who has photos, drawings, writings or what they have been doing since they left would be very interesting.  Anyone who is on the Facebook page who were members of 219 only can contribute.  The idea is that everyone contributes their own stories.

Tina Irving says:


We have had two great reunions organised by the irrepressible Sylvia Hutchins, one in 2017 and one in 2018.

I went with the Royal Irish Fusiliers to Chichlana, Spain, in March 2019.  What a great crowd.  I am sure they will all be looking at this blog and wondering where the other members of the Unit are?  Were Lt Col Sharkey and Cpl Irving the only ones? Lol

Alan Sharkey says:


 This may be self interest (although I make no attempt at all to sell my books!) but I have a real interest in seeing what old comrades have achieved in the way of books, paintings and related output! I would certainly buy them. Last year I donated a set of my railway ambulance books to the raffle although they were not used. I’ll happily do the same again unless last year’s books are still there! And if we do have an opportunity to let people see our books etc I’d also donate half the cost to whatever cause the organisers wish!

Major Roger Nutbeem

Was the Admin Officer for 219.  A wonderful man. It was a sad loss to his many friends and family when he was lost on the Sir Galahad during the Falklands War.

Tina Irving (who created this site) will do the same but her proceeds will go to the British Legion Portadown branch of which she is a member or Bransby Horse Rescue Centre in Lincolnshire… she hasn’t quite made up her mind yet.  You can see what she is currently doing at www.tinasfreelance.com


Testimonials can be added here….


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